Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Last Bohemians Explodes on YouTube

 I have gone to YouTube and have found amazing videos showcasing the personalities that populated Greenwich Village in the 1940's and 1950's, including the great Judith Malina, the late photographer and peace activist Karl Bissinger and the poet and gadfly Ira Cohen, who died several years ago.

In addition, I have posted original video interviews with the legendary poet Edward Field and the writer and painter Jack Dowling. Jack ran the gallery at Westbeth for more than a decade. He was an astute observer of Greenwich Village in the 1950's, frequenting the San Remo Cafe on MaDougal Street. He has great stories about confronting a local beat cop who tried to make a group of congregating gay men break up for the night. Jack also tells tales about the burlesque star Lilly Lamont, who would hook up with college kids at the Jericho Bar and who Jack once found floating nude and drunk in the Carmine Street Pool.

 Go to the Last Bohemians channel on YouTube:

The Jack Dowling interview  comes in five parts. To go to the first interview directly, hit this link:

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